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Cincinnati Wedding Photography Vs. Cincinnati Wedding Photoshop

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky best and most affordable wedding photographer Tammy Bryan posted a picture of Steve Harvey badly edited in Photoshop
Photoshop. The good. The bad. The Ugly.

In today's digital age, photographers are expected to be experts with Photoshop. However, being dependent on Photoshop is the very thing ruining photography in today's world in my opinion. Photoshop is the crutch that unskilled photographers lean on to improve their work, vs. mastering the art and science of photography. For me, Photoshop is simply the icing on the cake I use minimally to turn great images into excellent photographs.

I am now in my 20th wedding season, and I have seen my fair share of Photoshop editing trends come and go over the years. I have seen the monochromatic look, the muted look, the light, airy look, and now the dark, moody (Boho) look, come and go. In 2011 and 2012, pea-colored skies were trendy, believe it or not.

Most of these editing fads are rooted in bad pictures taken by bad photographers. True story – An unskilled wedding photographer took an overexposed picture and spent hours in post-production trying to salvage it. The result? The overexposed image became the light and airy picture. Voila! Pinterest jumped on it. Then, like any passing fad, it faded and disappeared like Capri pants.

In your search for the perfect wedding photographer, be sure to consider their photography skills and the longevity of their editing style when making your decision. There are so many weekend wedding photographers out there killing colors, adding unnecessary haze, decreasing sharpness, and adding contrast in an attempt to improve the poor pictures they took.

As an apprentice to a master wedding photography, I learned years ago that taking well-lit, accurately exposed, razor-sharp photographs is hard. Multiply that by 500++ photos taken throughout a wedding day, and it becomes even more difficult. And that, my friend, is why so many weekend wedding photographers turn to Photoshop to salvage your wedding photographs.

I want my photographs to have beautifully rich skin tones that bring out your best qualities - in camera. I want your wedding photographs to express who you are, naturally - just like you were standing next to me when I took the photo, except I want them to pop. I love sharp, clean images, and I know the limits of my equipment to ensure I am getting the photographs I want. My photographs are complex yet simple. They are romantic. Timeless. Authentic. And fun!

Here is my promise to you, 20 years from now -even 40 years from now- you will still love your wedding photographs because I did not resort to the latest Photoshop editing trends. Your wedding photographs will be timeless! To see what I'm talking about > CLICK HERE

Wedding photography connects the past, the present, and the future. I would love to join your wedding team to ensure your wedding photographs will be cherished, by you, your children, and your grandchildren.

The elaborate details of your wedding day are like a Cinderella story. At midnight the magical spell will be broken. But, just like the glass slipper, your wedding photography will be the one thing you can hold onto and look back on.

There are no second chances with your wedding photography, so choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make.

I am an honest, hard-working full-time professional wedding photographer that believes the best wedding pictures are real moments, photographed in the most beautiful way possible!

If you feel the same way, LET'S TALK!

Tammy ♥

PS - It won't be the cake you show your kids in 20 years!

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